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[AGA Member] Water Circulation and Amano shrimp

 read that the filter system in a planted tank should only circulate
half the volume of water in the tank per hour. What is the guide line
for this?
My 38 gallon has a reverse flow undergravel filter rated at 190 Gal/Hr
and also a power filter turned down to lit's lowest  flow rate but is
rated at 145 Gal/Hr This would be something like 8X the tank volume
I am adding pressurized CO2, have about 18 small fish and a fairly
planted tank.
Any suggestions on changing this or is this okay? I am struggling
slightly with BGA on the substrate and lower stems of plants,
I wonder if the reverse flow undergravel filter brings out phosphates
waste to the surface of the substrate?
This configuration was suggested by my LFS that had nice planted
Question 2: Any advice on the care of Amano shrimp, I will be trying
these for the first time.Do folks add algae wafers?
Thanks for your help.

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