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You can find more and less expensive parts to do CO2. If
you're thinking of the $320 full system from Foster &
Smith, that's an example of one of the more expensive
routes you can go. If you don't want to pay so much but
don't want to do a lot of looking for parts and fittings,
then a good deal is this:


Which includes a regulator, solenoid, bubble counter, all
in an assembled set.

CO2 tanks are on this page:


These are nice aluminum tanks that weigh much less than

Btw, ifyou get jsut a regulator and tank and later want to
use a solenoid, there's a great deal on one model for $28


I don't have any connection to CustomAquatic and you can
find these things in other places -- be sure to shop around
for prices -- but these are pretty good prices.

I don't think Foster & Smith have anything that even comes
close in price for these items or combinations of items.

But note that you *don't* have to have a solenoid or a
reactor or bubble counter. All you really *need* is a CO2
tank (to hold the gas), a regulator (to let it out slowly)
and a cansiter filter or powerhead into which to mix the
CO2 into the aquarium water. Everything else is just
getting fancy.

A solenoid lets you turn off the CO2 at night when the
lights go off, which can save you a little on CO2 use
although it's hard to save enough to make back the price of
the solenoid.

An external reactor lets you keep one more thing out of
your aquarium more room for fish/plants.

Internal reactors are for folks that just aren't hip yet
;-)  -- just kidding, but anything an internal reactor can
do an external can do and without having another piece of
equipment inthe aquarium.

A bubble counter is definitely a luxury. You really need to
measure pH and carbonate (KH) levels to get a good idea of
how much CO2 is in the water. Once you know that, you can
use a bubble counter as a quick& dirty reference -- but
it's no substitute for the real measurements.

If you don't mind having to look around a bit for fittings,
harborfreight.com usually has a CO2/Argon regulator that is
cheaply priced (about $30 or so) and works well enough for
aquatic gardening purposes. Their CO2 tanks are steel and
not priced as nicely as the tanks at Customaquatic.

Of course, you can always go the yeast route,  which means
putting yeast and water and sugar (and a little protein
powder and baking soda in an old plastic water bottle. This
won't proudce as even and constant a flow of CO2 but it
works pretty well and costs almost nothing. Replacing the
contents every few weeks will take about five minutes.
Leave a little of the old mixture in the bottle, and a the
brew of yeast will be back up to normal population in a few
hours -- yo don't have to add more yeast with each change.

If you don't like making things yourself, you can get a
ready made yeast system from Hagen -- Foster & Smith sell
it but Bigalsonline.com has it cheaper:


Lots of stuff in the archives on yeast and DIY CO2 stuff
and commercial products for CO2 systems -- have fun poking

If you have a canister filter or powerhead, then you can
start out with jsut a CO2 tank and regulator. Add the other
stuff if yo can get it at a great price or jsut like buying
gadgets -- I do ;-)

Also note that getting CO2 refills usually costs less lper
amount of CO2 the bigger the tank. For example, I pay $9.60
for a refill of a 5 pound CO2 tank and $10 for a refill of
a ten pound CO2 tank. So If you can afford a little more
for a bigger CO2 tank, you'll probably save money inthe
long run -- and make fewer trips to the welding supply/fire
extinguisher/soda pop equipment store for CO2 refills.

Good luck, good fun, or as Lawrence WElk used to say, "Turn
ona the bubble machine."
Scott H.

--- Belle Rahn <eyesotaupe@hotmail.com> wrote:

> I'm looking at getting a new CO2 injection systems for my
> 60 gallon planted
> aquarium.
> Are there any suggestions (products and/or websites to
> visit)?
> Has anyone tried the CO2 injection system (regulator,
> solenoid, etc.)
> marketed by DrsFosterandSmith?
> Thanks!
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