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RE: [AGA-Member] No TAG 17-2

I did this sort of thing too with the GSAS (who, btw, were the source of our fab models for the aquascaping contest PR this year) back when I was at the helm. I think I used stamps.com. It was tolerable for 100 copies. When I did postcards, I even printed the "stamp" directly on the cards.

At 1000 copies, sticking them all in envelopes and putting stamps or internet postage labels on em....yechh. Not unless I had kids who don't mind working for cheap stuffing and stamping like Gomberg's grandchildren did for PAM. Of course, makes me think that's probably what goes on at these mailers.

  - Erik

On Wed, 4 Aug 2004, Shawn Van Doren wrote:

Hello Cheryl,
I have not had a problem receiving my TAG issues.  My husband and I put out
the monthly newsletter for Greater Portland Aquarium Society and we do all
the work ourselves.  While I wouldn't recommend it for most, I have had
great success with more prompt delivery using Pitney Bowes Click Stamp
software which integrates with Microsoft Outlook and Accesss (we keep our
membership database in Acess). We send them out First Class, the software
prints the indicia and the delivery is shorter than with just postage.  I
know the mailhouses are more efficient but for us this works.  Just my 2

Shawn Van Doren

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I have been working hard to make sure that this mistake never happens
again. A long time ago the AGA Board decided to send TAG first class
because of just this sort of thing--TAGs go astray, take too long, and we
end up spending more money replacing them than it would have taken to send
it first class in the first place.

Unfortunately, despite repeated requests/demands/reminders, the (now)
previous mailers sent TAG 17-2 Bulk Standard. (They may also have done this
with TAG 17-1, but I can't prove it, unless someone finds their envelope.)
Bulk Standard means that the post office will deliver it when they get darn
well good and ready, which is not good enough.

Hopefully, the new mailer will listen when I say that I want TAG to go
First Class! I am going to stay on top of this. Karen and I have worked way
too hard getting TAG out in a timely way to let the mailer mess it up.

If ANYONE else still does not have TAG 17-2, let me know and I will replace
it immediately.

Meanwhile, we can use this list to talk about aquatic plant stuff!


Jeff Kostiuk wrote:


Sorry to bother you but I also haven't received TAG 17-2 (April - June).
Thanks for all your help,

Jeff Kostiuk, New Jersey

-- Cheryl Rogers, Membership Aquatic Gardeners Association http://www.aquatic-gardeners.org

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