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Re: [AGA-Member] Re: BGA Help

NOte that it is not writ in stone nor a law of biophysics
upon which all aquatic gardeners agree. Tom Barr used to
recommend dosing that equated to 20:10:1 for highlight
tanks, but I think Ghazanfar and some others convinced him
to lighten up a bit on the potassium.

If you use Dipostassium sulfate for potassium, postassium
nitrate for nitrates, and poassium phosphate for phosphate,
you can ease back on the dipotassium sulfate since the
other chems are alos supplying potassium. 

Having said all that, it works for me and potassium needs
to to in really high numbers before you start to see it
cause any problems -- and it does not appear to trigger
algae blooms at all. So if 20 ppm is generous for
potassium, I don't think it is too generous.

Btw, you can find these chems as dry powder (easy to
measure) at hydroponic stores such as litemanu.com. The
shipping cost is high relative to the price of the chems,
but that's because the chems are cheap -- and a pound of
any of them will last you a few years, even if you have a
few hundred gallons of aquariums. ;-)

Scott H.

--- A H Karcher <ahkarcher@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

> "S. Hieber" <shieber@yahoo.com> wrote:
> My comments are based on much less experience than
> Karen's,
> but I'll offer them anyway and perhaps you may find some
> use in the them.
> ...........................
> Thanks Scott, for that bit of info.  It was just what I
> needed to fine tune my tank.   The 20:10:1 stuff.  
> One more question.
> Is there something I can purchase at a nursury that will
> increase my PO4 and not effect other nutrients?  I have
> been using a PH up that is hard to find in Corpus Christi
> area.  Most PH controling solutions are PO4 free.  
> ck
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