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RE: [AGA-Member] Re: BGA Help

Raising your CO2 to between 20 and 30 ppm can also get rid of it, or so I've
heard.  I keep my CO2 around 25ppm and have never had BGA.


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Hi Randy, 

I've cc'd the AGA member list so that others can add their $.02.
Cyanobacteria is almost always a problem of nutrient imbalance.  You didn't
say waht your PO4 level was, but that would be the first place I looked.
The other thing that can cause a problem is areas where water movement is
not good.  (which can cause excess nutrients to build up in pockets in the
tank) a power head or two can alleviate that problem.
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  Since you offered, I would like to ask how I may get rid of Blue Green
Algae laying in sheets on substrate and plant leaves.
  PH 6.8 KH 4 adding CO2 16 - 20ppm NO3= 5 - 10 Have been adding PMDD, 2.8
watts per gallon 10hrs. 
  50% water changes weekly. 
  Your help is appreciated.
  Best Regards,

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