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Re: [AGA-Member] Potassium Test Kit

Hmmm. If the most it indicates is "2 or greater" and 2 is
desired, then it can't tell you if you have too much, only
if you have too little.

But it's easy to avoid having too little. Just add some
dipotassium sulfate. 
I guess you're supposed to test. And if you find out you
have too little, you start dosing and retesting until your
test results just reach 2.

(I put in about 3/4 teaspoon per 100 gallons of aquarium
with each weekly 50% water change. That should be plenty
and I hvae no reason to think that it's too much.)

Scott H.
--- Paul Byham <plbyham@bigpond.com> wrote:

> The test kit is from fish-vet in the US it is available
> from their website
> www.fishvet.com. The kit comes with 2 standards which you
> compare the test
> sample to, they are 1 & 2 ppm, the documentation said the
> optimum level is
> app 2 ppm, my tank is testing more than 2 ppm, but there
> is no way to tell
> from the kit how high it is. As far as the tank is
> concerned it is a 15gal
> 2' x 12' x 18", lighting - 4.8 w/g fluro tubes, Co2
> injection, Ph 6.8, Gh
> 8d, Kh 5.5d, Fe .5 ppm, P .5 ppm, temp 25c, substrate is
> gravel over
> laterite, plant growth is good but could be better.

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