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[AGA-Member] CO2 regulator question

Dear pressurized CO2 system folks:
Just got a 10 lb tank from the welding shop, from LFS got a Milwaukee pH meter, a cheap Chinese regulator combo (dual regulator, needle valve & solenoid) with no instructions in the box, and now I'm trying to work out how the adjust the regulator so it doesn't blow out my needle valve.
The system is all connected and working all right (I checked with Snoop leak detector to be sure all the connections were all right).
But when the pH meter kicks on, it blows out a lot of gas all at once. No trickling bubbles here! (Certainly not 6 little tiny bubbles per minute). I had assumed the regulator would be adjust about right, since it's hooked up in this combination, to start with.
I'm not finding any info on the net about this Chinese item, either, though I might be able to get a friend to read the characters to pick up the name of the company that made it.
I've turned the needle valve way down, but I'm a little concerned that the regulator should be doing the work that the needle valve is forced to control. And I don't know how to adjust the regulator safely! There's a nut on the top, but I've no idea which way to tweak it, or how far. I could turn off the pH meter and shut down the main tank valve and then adjust it with a pipe wrench, but I' like to check wit h you folks first.
Current dial readings:
tank has 75 psi or 1000 kg/cm2
out put to the needle valve is 6.5 liter/min
I'm tempted to take it back (it'd be a hassle).
Thanks for your time!

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