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Re: [AGA-Member] CO2 regulator question

Troy Hendrickson wrote:

Hi again,

better yet, email me a pic of the setup so we know exactly what we're
dealing with as reading again leads me to believe you may not have an
adjustable regulator.



Let me know if you need any more detailed pictures. The image of the side of the regulator isn't very visible, but there is what appears to be a slot for a screwdriver to go into.
Thank you very much, Troy!
If it is adjustable, I will certainly use your directions.
I went and looked at glass gardens, my pH meter is the same 122 you show there.
And frankly, your Milwaukee regulator is cheaper than what I bought before.
I do want to order some CO2 resistant tubing from you anyway--will have to see about taking this regulator back.
Thanks again!
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