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Re: [AGA-Member] Aquarium Lighting

It might suffice for some plants that don't require much
light or if the tank gets a good amount of sunlight, even
indirect sunlight if there is lots of it.

I haven't tired to grow anubias at that low a lighting
level but surely someone else on this list has. 

Using fluorescent lighting, I'd tried to aim for something
closer to 2 watts per gallon. If using a store-bought hood
with a white plastic refector instead of a mirror-like
reflector, and conventtional fluorescent type bulbs (as
opposed to power compact fluorescents) I'd want at least 2
watts. With a good reflector, a little less than 2 watts
will work fine. It can help a lot to add CO2, which you can
can get started doing rather inexpensively by setting up a
bottle as a yeast fermentation tank and letting the gas
output (CO2) buble into a owerhead or canister filter.

Scott H.
--- Noel Wise <wis263@shaw.ca> wrote:

> Thank you for the services you provide to aquarists
> world-wide.  Despite researching "Lighting," I am still
> in the dark and somewhat confused.   
> I have a 50 gallon tank (36x15x20 ins) lit by a single 30
> inch "Power-Glow" high intensity florescent aquarium lamp
> -110 Lux-25 watts.  Is this adequate for good plant
> growth?   
> Please advise.  -  Noel Wise (Calgary, Canada)  
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