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RE: [AGA-Member] Aquarium Lighting

Sorry to be so contentious this evening, but I think it's
the other way around -- or maybe I'm just reading things
backwards -- definite possiblity. 

Anway, if you have a lot of light, close to 3 or more watts
per gallon, then one will want to add CO2 so that the
plants can make use of the light and not be limited by the
amount of available CO2. Otherwise algae is a likely

Otoh, one can add CO2 and not add a lot of light and the
added CO2 will have a considerable positive impact on
growth. Addign more light in addition to the CO2 will boost
the plants even faster but isn't necessary unless yo like
prinung. Adding CO2 doesn't mean you have to add light but
adding light well past 2 wpgs means you should add CO2.

But I'd want to get up to  2 wpg in just about any event.

Good luck, good gas,
Scott H.

--- Troy Hendrickson <t_hendrickson@qwest.net> wrote:

> Not really, you're looking for around a 2 watt per gallon
> minimum, higher if
> you're using CO2 as a rule of thumb (and of course for
> every rule I suppose
> thereare exceptions but it's served most well)
> Troy
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> I have a 50 gallon tank (36x15x20 ins) lit by a single 30
> inch "Power-Glow"
> high intensity florescent aquarium lamp -110 Lux-25
> watts.  Is this adequate
> for good plant growth?

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