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Re: [AGA-Member] Aponogeton boivinanus

I grew it for a while. I had it in my 29G low-light tank (1 WPG) supplemented with Flourish & Flourish excel, plain gravel substrate for about a year. It didn't do very well - it would grow 3-4 leaves at a time, about 9" long.

Then I put it in my 3 wpg, CO2, flourite substrate, heavily fertilized tank, and it absolutely took off - many leaves, most 20" or longer. I had to take it out because it was just too big.

While it was in both tanks, it would periodically shoot up a flower. I never tried to do anything with propagating it, so I can't answer about that. Cool looking plant.

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  Has anyone had success growing Aponogeton boivianus, if so what are the optimal aquarium conditions ie temp, ph, gh, light, substrate etc and any tips or suggestions to grow it successfully. Also can it be successfully propagated in a aquarium.


  Paul B
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