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[AGA-Member] site's back ...and new convention DVD's

Dual announcement mode. We had a big hiccup yesterday (probably the rain), and the phone line was messed up, which meant no Internet access for the AGA website and mailing lists. Looks like the phone company fixed it around 2 PM today, so things should be back to normal.

Also, I am very proud to announce that the AGA now has all our conventions finally available (well, not the one that's happening in a week) on DVD! A few weeks ago I started remastering a couple of talks from 2001 for Ghazanfar, and the project just kinda snowballed. We'll have a few copies these available at the convention, or you can buy them now via our website.

Later today (hopefully), I'll have the site updated to take pre-orders for the 2004 Aquascaping Contest CD (basically the website, with some higher resolution modes added). Some might find it a pleasant alternative to the first couple of weeks when things are a bit slow on the contest site itself. And this we should be able to ship them so they arrive reasonably close to when the contest is open for viewing.

  - Erik
    (with the webmaster and video tech hats on)


Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com
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