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[AGA-Member] Re: Hello, and a question

I think that what you are seeing (in addition to a response to nutrients that may be added to the tank by water change) is that the oxygen that the plants were always producing is now visible due to the gas saturation of the water just added. Pressurized water contains gasses, I see this in filing up a bucket for aging discus water, it gets bubbles even though there is not anything in the bucket but a heater, no air, no plants, yet bubbles collect on surfaces when normal city tap water is used.

In the tank this means that since the water is saturated, or rather oversaturated now that the pressure is not at 30 or 60 psi, so some of this normal gas content must come out of solution as bubbles. So, the additional oxygen the plants are producing cannot go into solution in this oversaturated solution, but collects as bubbles and rises from the plants.

The normally invisible is now visible. You can add a capful of H2O2 to the tank to saturate the water with oxygen and see the same effect.

Ann Viverette

I have a 110 high with 4x96 pc lighting, co2 on a pinpoint controller, and I add N, P, K, Flourish, Flourish Trash, Fe, and Kent Freshwater plant daily. I have little algae growth and fairly good plant growth. When I change my water, things go nuts! There's all kinds of bubbling for the rest of the day. It's not dissolved gasses coming out of the water because I can actually see the plants bubbling like growth bubbling. What could the plants possibly be getting from the tap that I'm not adding, and how do I find out what it is?


Ron Boyd

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