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Re: [AGA-Member] Some questions...

Just a note that the slow growth of the ferns and the algae issue have been happening since before the pre-mixing of nutrient solutions.

Ron Boyd <explodo2003@yahoo.com> wrote:
Question 1:

I previously stated that I have little algae growth, but there is one type of algae that grows in my tank that I would like to know more about. It's a layer of algae that grows on all surfaces that have been in the tank long enough(leaves included). Over time, it can get thicker, but is usually pretty thin and hard. My rubber nose plecos that I picked up 2 months ago have been eating it, but some of it is always still there and it's quite frustrating on my slow-growing plants. They just can't seem to get more than one leaf out that isn't covered in the stuff. What is this algae? How can I control it? 

Question 2:

I just got my first journal and am very impressed with the pictures of the tanks in it. The tanks all look like they're relatively short tanks, and for lighting I suppose that makes sense. I have a 110 high tank. It's 30" deep. I'm running 4x96 PC lighting. Is that enough? I feel that it's not because I was using the same lighting on a 75, which is about 10" shorter and I used to get more streams of bubbles from my plants and my glossostigma is growing pretty slowly in the 110 versus the 75. 

Question 3:

I notice that many people are able to get ferns(java or bolbitis) to grow very well in their tanks. I can't seem to get them to grow at any rate greater than painfully slowly. They grow so slowly that they're ususally very dull looking due to the algae in question 1. I add all the nutrients that I know of in good amounts(N,P,K, trace, Fe, CO2) I can keep them alive, but I can't make them thrive. 

Thank you in advance for your help. I'm sorry there are so many questions, but I enjoy this hobby and will probably have MANY more questions over time.

Ron Boyd

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