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[AGA-Member] Plants for Sale (and more)

Due to space and time constraints, I need to find a new home for my 72 gallon all-glass
aquarium. I'd love to sell the whole thing - tank, filter, lights, CO2 setup, plants, fish -
to one person, but I don't think that's going to work, so I figured I'd do it in bits, starting
with the plants.

I am selling the plants as a unit. They will fill a 72 gallon tank. Photos are available at

Plants are:

Chain sword, possibly E. tenellus but growing to 6-8" tall.
Ceratopteris thalictroides (may be siliquosa) - water sprite
Hottonia palustris
Hydrocotyl vulgaris
Rotala indica
Gratiola Officionalis (2-4 stems)
Alternanthera reineckii (2-4 stems)
Rotala indica (may be rotundifolia)
Lobelia cardinalis
Hairgrass mixed with dwarf red E. tenellus
Didiplis diandra
Micranthemum micranthemoides
Three sword plants - very small at this point; two should stay small, 1 standard size
Val Sp, type unknown, sold as "pygmy Val" but growing 24" tall or more.
Rotala Macranda - not much
Ludwigia arcuata - not much
A 3 year old very, very tiny Nymphaea zenkeri "red"

Except as noted, there is a hefty amount of each type of plant, especially the lobelia
and the watersprite. In the interest of full disclosure, there is some BBA on the
hairgrass/E.ten combo, the glosso, and the H. vulgaris. The snails, which will be in there
for sure, are included free of charge. Plant IDs are the best I can do, but if a plant was
sold to me under an incorrect name, unfortunately that will be the name I'm selling it under.

I would like to sell the whole bunch of plants for $125, plus shipping. I am not considering
selling it bit by bit. Many people from this list have bought plants from me and been very
pleased with the quality and amount I sent. I will ship in an insulated container (or two) so
the plants should do fine unless you live somewhere really, really cold.

Contact me *off list* if you are interested in the plants, or better yet, the whole setup. I'm
located about 30 miles west of Portland, Oregon.

Rachel Sandage

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