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[AGA-Member] RO water

Hello Fellow Growers,
    I am using RO water for my planted discus tank. It  is a 90 gallon tank 
and I do partial water changes of 30 gallons once a week.  Before I add the 
water to the tank I have been adding TMG, Equillium, FE, K, N  and CO2 injection. 
My tank has algae and isn't what I would call a work of  art yet. Basically 
because I am still learning and I figured that I need to  learn the basic of 
growing plants before calling the tank more than what it is. 
    The more and more I have been  reading I  haven't come across anyone 
detailing the use of RO water in a planted aquarium.  So, I ask why and is it 
worth the extra expense of using it. The benefit that I  am getting from it is the 
that GH and KH are at my control and with discus that  is a must but, I am 
still getting algae. Probably from still learning the ropes  of adding the 
chemicals to the water. 
    I just having found much about the use of RO  water and balancing it with 
Liebig's law in mind. I have test kits and just  about everything else (I 
guess having all the toys is the easy part)  the every least my fish are doing 
great not the plants.
    If there is anyone out there that can help me piece  all of it together I 
would be grateful for the help.
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