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[AGA-Member] Aquatic Photography Forum - v2.0


Aquatic Photography Forum is designed to give aquatic/freelance
photographers cutting edge tips, tricks, tools, and insights on how to
improve their photography skills. If you need tips or specific help please
post your questions in one of our sections - Photography 101. If you want to
share your portfolio, please take advantage of our Gallery. Do not forget to
participate in our monthly Aquatic and Freelance Photography Contest. 

Recently Aquatic Photography Forum was switched to VBulletin system to take
advantage of top quality technical and graphical tools like: flexible post
writing system, DHTML Menus, highly intuitive and advanced Search system, VB
Chat and other. 

If you are into aquatic or freelance photography, APF is the place to learn,
share and teach. Please come and visit us at


Jay Luto on behalf of Team APF
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