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[AGA-Member] Plants instead of water changes to hold down nitrites / Restricted plants

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:  thanks for allthe shrimp info.
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You're welcome, Scott.  I thought since I'm asking for help, I'd try to
share some of what I've learned recently, too :-)
:  RE starting up a new tank, instead of using water changes
:  to hold down nitrite levels, try using lots of plants,
:  especially fast growers. Consider, for example, floating
:  some water sprite (Ceratopteris thalictroides) in the tank.
:  It's a fast grower and at the water surface it has access
:  to plenty of CO2 in the atmosphere so it can suck up a lot
:  of nitrogen from the water.
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Very good point, and it had been my plan, actually, to have lots of plants
from the outset.  I placed a plant order almost two weeks ago and am still
waiting for my plants (I'm presuming the delay issues will be resolved in
the next day or two, but they're not quite taken care of yet).  The plants
which I did put into my tank so far were purchased locally.  

I'd like to support my local aquarium stores as much as possible, but even
with paying overnight shipping, the plants I'm ordering will cost only about
1/3 as much as those same plants purchased in our area.  Since I'm buying a
lot, waiting is worth the savings - so say I, assuming that the plants will
indeed arrive soon!  

:  Once the other plants are grown and robust, you can remove
:  the water sprite if you like.
:  Fast growing stem plants (e.g., Hygrophila polysperma) and
:  Amazon swords (Echinodorus bleheri) work well too.
:  Scott H.
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I hadn't considered water sprite, but I may go out and buy some if my other
plants don't get here PDQ.  Unfortunately, since I live in California,
Hygrophila polysperma is out - it's on the federal weed list and we can't
get it here.  It's an attractive plant and I'd be happy to have it, though.
Thank you for your suggestions!

BTW, in case anyone is interested, this is what I've found regarding federal
and California-specific restrictions on plant transfers:


California Plant Quarantine Manual

Have a good afternoon, all!


  --- Kirsten Klinghammer <klingham@pacbell.net> wrote:
:  > As I mentioned in my first post to this list earlier this
:  > evening, I'm
:  > setting up a new planted tank, the first for many years.
:  > I'd read that
:  > Amano shrimp are wonderful for eating algae, so I added a
:  > few of them a few
:  > days ago (I know that's early - only a week in - but I'm
:  > hoping they'll be
:  > okay; there are 8 in a 38 gallon tank).  The tank is just
:  > getting going, so
:  > I've been monitoring pH, nitrite, and ammonia levels
:  > regularly and have been
:  > doing some partial water changes to keep the ammonia
:  > levels in check. . .
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