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Does anyone have an advice about this problem? Someone answer him, because Karen and Scott have gone to Brazil! <jealous>



Hello, Happy New Year! I enjoy my new subscription to AGA magazine. I am having a problem with my Anacharis of all things. My tank is 58 gal, with two 96 watt 10,000 flourscent compacts and two 65 watt GE reveal incandescent bulbs.

-1.1 bubles per second CO2 infusion.

-KH at 9, GH 13, Fe 0.5, PO4, NO3 at 0.0. pH7.2.

Problem:  New Anacharis grow very quickly adding 2-3 inches in a week.  However, at that time, they at meristem develop necrosis on leaf border and then become transluescent.  Some of the youngest leaves around the meristem have half round indent borders near the base of the leaf.  Those leaves have a faint necrotic border.  Some plants are affected before others.  No other plants, Crystal Vals, java ferns, or java moss are affected.  Significant pearling occurs on anacharis and vals near end of 10 hour light cycle.

After mersitem and surrounding leaves disintegrate, lush green filamentus agea attach to that area of anacharis.  Please help me with this.  Anacharis should be easy to grow, but mine grow so far, and auto trim.  Any advice would be helpful.  Thank you!

Michael Saboe

Cheryl Rogers, Membership
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