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RE: [AGA-Member] correct balance of fish

11 discus in a 90G is stretching your fishload, especially if they're not

Discus are messy and the bigger they are the messier.  By going from 3 to 11
of them in one go, you may have suddenly increased the amount of NH4 going
into the water and overloading your biofilter so it's not being processed
into NO2 and then NO3 quickly enough.  Algae apparently love NH4...


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Hello All,
        Thank you the help with the  algae eaters.. I have eleven discus in
90 gallon and before the addition of  them I wasn't having any problem with 
algae. I had only three discus in the tank  and things were going smooth
growing etc. So, I am left by reasoning and  by the removal of the oto's
maybe I put to many fish in the tank and have  upset the balance and made it

more suitable for the algae then plants. Has  anyone ran into this problem?

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