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RE: [AGA-Member] Green Water Problem


Why don't you use the 'ride it out' approach as your normal method?

I usually use my diatom filter after about a week of GW after I've purposely caused a bloom because the other algae are generally weakened enough by that time to be susceptible to my usual control methods. Sometimes I know what caused the bloom as well, such as a dead fish that I didn't catch or when I've recently caused a major upheaval. Since those are temporary and understandable causes a large water change and a few hours of DE filtering will usually remedy the cause and things can then proceed as normal. Sometimes I'll hit the tank with the DE filter if I've got company coming over and there's an unexpected GW bloom just to make the tank worth looking at.

I use the "ride it out" method when the spike occurs when I'm not immediately sure what caused it and/or when there isn't a competiton in the near future.


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