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RE: [AGA-Member] Green Water Problem

I noticed you wrote that you tried to blackout method.
I have found this method with hydrogen peroxide to be
the most effective. **The key is to make sure that no
light is entering the fish tank**. This can be
accomplished by covering the tank with towels or
blankets. This is how I approach this method:

1) If the tank is established then run a large water
change (>30%). If it is not established then change as
much water as you feel comfortable (ie. 15%).

2) Cover the tank with blankets and leave the light

3) Add hydrogen peroxide to the covered tank (~1 oz.
per 10 gallons). 

4) Allow the tank to sit for 2 days with no light
access. Most of the algae should be dead.

5) Check on the tank to make everything is ok, and
determine how much algae is still there. If gw still
exists then make another water change and repeat the

**Make sure that the plants don't go too long with
hydrogen peroxide and without light. Maximum should be
4 days.

I have used this method quite effectively recently for
my 58 gallon tank. It took 3 days to clear the gw.


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