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Re: [AGA-Member] Java Fern....

TMG is a great product. But every tank is different, and it might not have *enough* potassium for *your* plants. Your routine and so forth seem fine, your plants just need something more.

But anytime anyone says that their plants have holes in their leaves I think 1) potassium deficiency or 2) silver dollar tetras. ;-)


A H Karcher wrote:
I guess potassium (K?) is possible. It is listed on the Tropica Master grow that I'm using. The leaves them self are dark in green colour as far as healthy colouration goes. You ask about maintenance: I am a very long time fish keeper and believer in plenty of water changes. HOW-ever. Since joining the AGA and learning to grow more plants then ever before I have gone through several stages of water changing. Last year for about 4 or 5 months I actually stopped doing dilutions all together, just topping off the tank. There were no visible problems with the fish are plants. I just started back up about 4 months ago doing several small 15 gal dilutions weekly. I actually did a 50+ gal dilution prior the starting the weekly small changes. I can't really say why I started up the water changes, Just a long time habit for healthy fish maintence I guess. My Dafodils at that time were reproducing monthly but I have since changed them out.
I have a small very old Eheim canister (66 gal tank size) 2213. There is an Emperor 400 without the bio-wheels. To increase the water movement there are two small powers heads running. One is attached to a sponge at it's intake and the other is attached to a surface skimmer which seems to be required on my setup to eliminate the white film (protein I guess) on the surface. My CO2 is through the Eheim difuser (which by the way has been absolutly maintence free), and there is a Duett internal sponge type filter that picks up the difused CO2 and further mixes it into the water. There is no carbon and never has been. My fish load is small for this size of tank.
The Java fern problems have been on going for well over a year but seem to be getting worse. (very slowly).
The only algae that exist in my tank is some of the dark green crusty growth that exist on the glass and some of the older leaves. I have 6 SAE and some shrimp (supposedly algae eating) that help clean. I only clean the front glass every 2 weeks or so (as required). I'm thinking of getting a rubber nose and/or bristle nose pleco to see it it will help out. I have just reduced the light on that side of the tank to about 1 watt per gal to see if that will help. I just read that Java fern really does not require too much light. Any more thoughts about the Ferns turning black and getting holes?
Regards AHK

Cheryl Rogers <cheryl@wilstream.com> wrote:
My first thought is a potassium deficiency. But we can't really know unless we know more about your setup and maintenance routine.

Cheryl who is a lousy typist with a cat on her keyboard.

A H Karcher wrote:

Could someone tell me why my Java Fern leaves are turning black and getting holes through the older leaves. I'm thinking possible over fertilisation. Another observation is the blackened leaves tend to be closest to the surface nearer the light.

It's a 180 gal tank established for several years. I use Corpus Christi tap water which is 7.9 to 8 pH. I also buffer as I have Juliochromis marlieri Burundis. The hardness is 100 to 200 ppm. I test for Fe, PO4 and NO3s. I always try to maintain trace amounts or slightly higher. The lights are compac F. at 2 to 2.2 watts per gal for 11+/- hours a day.

There is Bolbitis with similar symptom but not as severe. All plants grow well. Anubias, water sprite, Val, java moss and several swords. I have had a CO2 system operating for at least 1 year.

Plus my Julios haven't reproduced, ever.

Any thoughts??

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