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[AGA-Member] Re: Algae eaters -- discus-in' the better ones

I need to update my comments about the albine bushynose plecos in the barebottom discus tank. I found the larger of the two attacking my discus last week, twice I observed it attach to the side of a discus. I have removed it to a planted tank where it is the only pleco.

I do not know if it wasa spurred to attack by hunger, for I do not add any separate foods to that tank for the bushynoses, they seemed to do OK on leftovers. It may be that the food that was adaquate for one was not adaquate for 2, for I had recently added a second to the tank. It may be that there were territory problems with 2 in the tank, this one preferred the back of the sponge filter and that is where the discus also crowd when they are frightened as they were doing when the bushynose latched on to a discus.

For now, I do have the smaller of the albino bushynose plecoes still with the discus, but I will be careful to notice any attacks.
Ann Viverette
--- Ann Viverette <annv777@houston.rr.com> wrote:

I am very fond of my albino bristlenose plecos in the
discus tank. They mind
their own business, never bother the discus, and I
suppose they keep it all
clean, it is perfectly clean and I never even wipe the
tank. I have two in
the barebottom 105 gallon with 22 juveniles and they seem
to be very healthy
on whatever it is they eat. The discus only get NLS
Growth and beefheart.
The bristlenoses either exist on algae or leftovers.

Ann V

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> Hello All,
>        Question about algae eaters  in a discus tank. I
have found out the
> meaning of attack Otto's. They love the  coats of
discus they did however
> eat a
> lot of algae. What else is out there that  will eat up
some algae?? Thank
> you
>                                            AZ

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