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Re: [SPAM] [AGA-Member] pH shock - how to support recovery?

Now that I'm deep in the regulator replacement, with the welding gas supply shop and the Victor Company and the Airgas distributor all closed for a holiay weekend, I'm finding that the regulator won't shut off completely when I've barely cracked open the main tank valve.
I can't turn on the main tank valve any further without chilling the regulator and running amazing amounts of gas out.
I think I've got a bad regulator, although it's brand new.
It's a Victor Medalist SR5B-320 0780-2544 for carbon dioxide, to be precise.
The last one got killed by an overfilled CO2 tank. That blew the overpressure valve on the Milwaukee regulator/needle valve/bubble counter setup, and the regulator couldn't be fixed from that.
My family is pushing me back toward yeast bottles, and this isn't helping.
Any suggestions from any experts in the house?

Heather J Gladney wrote:

I ran into this problem myself when first dealing with a weird import CO2 pressure regulator, and I'm trying not to do it again this weekend replacing it!

Kirsten Klinghammer wrote:

I was kind of thinking that, but I wasn't sure. I will leave the pH alone
for now - ixnay on further water changes, CO2 use, or anything else for
today. I appreciate you sharing your experience, Troy.

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