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Re: [AGA-Member] Tag issue

Faruk Gencoz wrote:

I have received the flyers, one year member gift certificate and both
first 2005 issue and old samples from TAG. Thank you very much for
that package. I distributed the samples and flyers and we did a
lottery in our meeting for the membership gift.

You're welcome. I am pleased that you received it so soon.

Our member Gokhan Basan won the membership gift. What should he do now?

Mr. Basan has already contacted me and provided his mailing address. I have added him to the AGA member database and will shortly send him TAG 18-1.

I did not get the first TAG issue in 2005 but the packege contained 3
copies of that issue. I assumed that one of them was mine.

Actually, the regular issues of TAG are sent via professional mailer and not by me. So you should get one more copy in a white envelope. No matter, now you'll have an extra one for the next meeting!

Thank you again for the support you provide to our club.




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