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[AGA-Member] Planted Aquarium Help

    Dear AGA, I'm a new member and I'm a rookie to the planted aquarium. I 
joined with the hope of gaining from more experienced people so I pose this 
question to anyone who has advice for me. Basically I would appreciate any advice 
anyone has for a rookie like myself. Books, websites or any advice you wish to 
send via e-mail. I've bought some books but I haven't found them to be so 
helpful so I'm hoping someone at there has some better ones they can recommend. I 
also have been having trouble locating some of the equipment I've been 
hearing about. Namely Co2 systems. I tried the CarboPlus system but I didn't like 
it. Maybe someone out there has a better solution. In the TAG issue I received, 
in the article titled Scenery with Rocks, in the Aquascape data, they mention 
filters and substrates that I have never heard of. Are they available here in 
the States? Also, something called Aeration is mentioned. I assume this is 
adding O2 at night when plants are doing respiration but I've never heard of the 
systems they use to do it. Does anyone know where to get them? Mr. Amano seems 
to add only two additives, Brighty K and Green Brighty STEP2 with amazing 
results. Where can I get these? I have the whole Seachem line of products and my 
plants don't look anything like Mr. Amano's. Also, I can't seem to find the 
vast majority of the plants that are mentioned. I know all these questions are 
really basic rookie questions but I'm hoping someone out there can offer some 
advice. Thanx for your time and I hope to hear from you soon-ILAN IMW88@aol.com
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