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Re: [SPAM] [AGA-Member] Planted Aquarium Help

I would not recommend the substantial investment that ADA products represent
at this stage of your hobby. The Seachem line are excellent products and
many advanced aquarists use them with as good as result as any ADA product.
I guess what I'm sayng is that owning a Ferrari doesn't make you a race car
driver and ADA definitely represents the more esoteric end of things. I
would suggest you gain a bit more experience with lower cost equipment and
more common plants first, otherwise you might find yourself with a
substantial investment in equipment and still have the same results. Also
keep in mind that Amano is an artist first and foremost, his sense of
aesthetics have as much to do with his success in the hobby as his products,
in fact I wouldn't hesitate to state that he could probably buy all of his
equipment at Walmart  and still end up with breath taking results.

However, if having ADA products are what it's going to take to make your
planted tank endeavors more enjoyable, then by all means get your check book
out and go for it.

As for sources, there is to my knowledge, only one source for ADA in the US,
and that's Aquarium Design Group (http://www.aquariumdesigngroup.com). Jeff
Senske is the man to speak to, he's a great guy, has a realistic attitude
towards the product line.

For information sources on the net, my personal favorite is
www.plantedtank.net . The members are great and include everyone from novice
to experts with a wealth of information and advice for the newbie, and if
you check out the gallery section, you'll see some very good examples of
what can be achieved with a little effort and knowledge, regardless of the
equipment used. Another group would be www.aquaticplantcentral.com, however
you should be aware that some people there have expressed the sentiment that
"aquascapers" use ADA products, and people who do not are "plant growers"
which quite frankly represents an element of arrogance that this hobby does
not need. I certainly don't think you'll get honest, unbiased advice there w
hen it comes to ADA vs. any other product. You can't even question the need
for ADA products without getting swarmed by his cult followers. I recently
dropped sponsorship of and membership in that group for that very reason.

Oh yeah, the carbo plus units and all the little clones out there are rather
a joke in the opinion of many. The trend seems to be to dump them for
pressurized CO2, I even know people who have tried them and ended up going
back to fermentation generators because the results were better. With CO2
regulators starting at $40.00 or less, it's no brainer which way to go.

Good luck !

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>     Dear AGA, I'm a new member and I'm a rookie to the planted aquarium. I
> joined with the hope of gaining from more experienced people so I pose
> question to anyone who has advice for me. Basically I would appreciate any
> anyone has for a rookie like myself. Books, websites or any advice you
wish to
> send via e-mail. I've bought some books but I haven't found them to be so
> helpful so I'm hoping someone at there has some better ones they can
recommend. I
> also have been having trouble locating some of the equipment I've been
> hearing about. Namely Co2 systems. I tried the CarboPlus system but I
didn't like
> it. Maybe someone out there has a better solution. In the TAG issue I
> in the article titled Scenery with Rocks, in the Aquascape data, they
> filters and substrates that I have never heard of. Are they available here
> the States? Also, something called Aeration is mentioned. I assume this is
> adding O2 at night when plants are doing respiration but I've never heard
of the
> systems they use to do it. Does anyone know where to get them? Mr. Amano
> to add only two additives, Brighty K and Green Brighty STEP2 with amazing
> results. Where can I get these? I have the whole Seachem line of products
and my
> plants don't look anything like Mr. Amano's. Also, I can't seem to find
> vast majority of the plants that are mentioned. I know all these questions
> really basic rookie questions but I'm hoping someone out there can offer
> advice. Thanx for your time and I hope to hear from you soon-ILAN
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