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RE: [AGA-Member] undergravel heaters


For sources, check out Florida Driftwood's website at

I forget if I found out about Florida Driftwood from here, but I found the
Aquatic Concepts website 
(http://users.frii.com/gbooth/AquaticConcepts/) to be very helpful regarding
undergravel heaters and much else.  I'm new to planted aquaria (with the
substrate heaters, CO2 injection, and all that), so I'm sure others will
have more information too (such as other vendors).

I did set up a substrate heater which works just fine, but I must admit I
haven't been able to have it on very much - my aquarium lights heat up the
water so much that I can only rarely add more heat from another source.  I'm
going to need to install fans in my hood to try to keep the fish from
cooking in the summertime.  Given the heat problem, the expense wasn't quite
worth it.  If my house were actually colder I think it would be fine, and I
would be able to get full benefit of the undergravel heating system.  If you
live in a warm climate as I now do, you'll want to keep this in mind in
making your decision on whether to purchase the substrate cables.

Best wishes,


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:  I'm setting up a 55gal. tank with an undergravel
:  heater. I can't seem to find anything but a no name
:  brand from Pet Solutions and am wary of spending 160$
:  on something I know nothing about. Does anybody have a
:  recommendation of a very reliable undergravel heater
:  and where I might get it. While I'm here I might as
:  well ask if anybody knows how long and at what temp.
:  you "bake" a piece of wood you want to use in your
:  tank that you found in the woods (to kill the bacteria
:  and whatever). Also how do you pack 120 watts of light
:  over a 12 inch wide tank? I guess that's enough for now!
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