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[AGA-Member] Small, quiet, high velocity fan at Target stores

Hi everyone,
I had posted at least a month ago that I was looking for a small fan to cool
my aquarium hoods (well, at the time I think I had one aquarium, now I have
three ;-)  I received some very helpful suggestions about where to buy
small, computer-case-type fans, but to be honest, I never got around to
getting any since I couldn?t quite find what I wanted, and since the need
hadn?t become too pressing yet.  (My apologies to those who were so kind as
to make recommendations to me at the time.)
It?s now gotten warm in our part of California, and one day last week I came
home to some somewhat overheated fish.  Now I?d hit the do-or-die point (or
the do-or-some-poor-fishies-would-die point), and I went out right away to
find fans locally.  I don?t know if they?re available nationwide, but I?d
like to share that I found some small (4 inch blade diameter), high velocity
fans made by Lakewood (model HV-4) at Target.  The fans are metal, and they
come in chrome, black, and blue.  They were only $5.99 each, and they are
super-quiet too!   I haven?t hard mounted them (with bolts or screws), but
rather have one sitting on top of one tank, pointed at the vent holes of
that aquarium hood; another sitting on a bookshelf, pointed at another hood;
and the third held in place by a twist tie to the ventilation holes at the
end of the hood on the last tank. So far they work great, and I?ve been very
happy with them.  I need to get them hooked up to a thermostat so they?ll
only kick on when needed, but other than that I?ve found them to be very
inexpensive compared to other small fans I looked at.  
I thought I?d share my find in case it might help anyone else too.
With best regards,
Kirsten Klinghammer
Rescue, CA

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