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[AGA-Member] Questions from a Rookie

      Dear AGA members, I just got a compressed gas CO2 system. I know my pH 
will start to drop once I turn it on. I'm aware that there are all kinds of 
ways to "buffer" the water but I've never used them before and I'm hoping some 
of the members can shed light on this for me. If someone can explain the 
different ways and anything pertinent you think I need to know. How can one keep a 
soft and slightly acidic without the pH dropping too low? 
    Also, in the last issue of TAG, Volume 18 Number 1, Jan-Mar '05, the last 
article mentions a variety of different aquatic mosses. I've search the web a 
bit but cant seem to find them. Does anyone know where I can find them? 
    Also, I just wanted to thank everyone once again who help me last time. 
You guys were a big help. I'm hoping the members come through once again. 

    Thanx, Sincerely,  Ilan  
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