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Re: [AGA-Member] DIY CO2 injection

Thanks, Stephane.

Adding a 1/4 tsp or so of protein powder helps too --
better than just feeding the yeast the "empty" calories of
an all carbohydrate diet. 

Changing to a wine yeast can have very beneficial effects
too. Some of them are at peak performance at diff ambient
temps and some are more active than others. Check out
make-your-own-wine websites for yeasts. You don't need a
lot. And once you have a culture started, you don't need to
buy more; you just leave some of the old mix in the bottle
when you change out the mix for new.

Thes sites have some good selections on yeast, including
some info on temps, activity level, and the level of
alcohol tolerance:




(on this page, select "Wine, mead, and Cedar yeasts" )

The White Labs liquid yeasts from brewsource are very nice.
They are shipped with ice packs and are not dormant but are
ready to go when they arrive. A vial of this stuff has
about 30-60 bilion cells so only a small portion of the
vial is needed to start your fermentation mix. The rest can
be saved for 6 months to one year in the refrigerator for
when, for whatever reason, you need to restart a mix from
scratch with a new culture.

Good luck, good fun,
--- stephane jousset <sjousset@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I wanted to share a finding for you out there practicing
> DIY yeast/sugar CO2 
> injection. The system is much more reliable and constant
> if you use fructose 
> instead of sugar. Fructose is available in most grocery
> stores (Velveta I 
> think). One biologist colleague of mine thought that
> because fructose is a 
> simpler sugar than processed sugar, yeast don't have to
> work as hard to 
> start breaking it down.
> Also, in the past I used epoxy glue to connect the
> airline tubing to the 
> recipient lid/cap. That took care of some recalcitrant
> air leaks with no 
> harm to the fish or yeast. And of course Teflon tape in
> between any threaded 
> opening and cap.
> Just my two cents.
> Stephane
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