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[AGA-Member] Send plants!

Hey Y'all:

When you're cleaning out your tanks this weekend, don't forget to save your clippings for the ACA convention July 21 - 24 in Ft. Worth, TX. We will have a table in the vendor room.

We still need people to help out at the table. If you are registered for ACA anyway, and want to volunteer to help staff the table and promote planted aquaria, let me know off list at membership @ aquatic-gardeners.org. AGA will give a free one-year membership to any volunteer who misses a talk due to helping at the table. But donating as little as 30 minutes will earn you a big thank-you.

If you want to donate plants, please mail them to me at:

Cheryl Rogers
420 Horseshoe Trl
Oak Point TX  75068

It's very very hot here in TX, so send them Priority on Monday the 18th or so. Sorry, we can't reimburse postage, but it's all for a good cause. Unfortunately, you can't deduct donations to the AGA off of your income tax! :-(


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