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[AGA-Member] tank lighting--light pipes?

I don't know if folks would consider this somewhat or very off-topic, but it's a lighting design query.
Besides neglecting my tank horribly lately (various emergencies) I've been dealing with 100+ temps outside lately, which is making a different low heat-gain lighting system sound more and more attractive.
I've got some decent CFs going now, not even metal halides, but besides considering my electricity bill, various design issues make me itch about my setup. (Some folks buy a new tank + gear when they feel that way.)
I realize that a lot of folks (not everybody) says sunlight is a bad light source for tanks, directly through windows.
But I've been looking longingly at fiber optics for a long time. (I think I posted some queries about it to AGA some time ago.)
I found two recent postings on treehugger about lighting otherwise dim interiors (compensating for bad building design, usually.)
The wbsite treehugger is a collection of links to speculative and green product sites attempting to make various forms of conservation more practical. http://www.treehugger.com/index.php
One link went to this company, which says its light pipes can bring in 4000 lux. Obviously that would depend on your outside source. Umm, aside from a minor problem that we get non-tropical # of daylit hours problem, *we* get such bleachingly intense sun that you could filter down to almost any level of intensity.
http://www.parans.com/products.htm There's a specs sheet as well on a link there.
This other link has a very simple multi-sided lens collector that's intriguing, but I've no idea who could supply it, as this is from a design student.
What do other folks think of this general kind of system?
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