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Re: [AGA-Member] Re: AGA and internet forums (Phil Edwards)

Hi Robert:

Thanks for the kindness. (I'll be sending you some more flyers.)

But hey, we're not exactly difficult to find. I mean, you're on this list aintcha? ;-)


Robert H wrote:

I am glad to see the AGA is recognizing that it can support other forums besides APD. Good job. Although my forum does not have sponsors, I want you to know I will always continue to do whatever I can to help support the organization when I can. I am gratefull that some AGA members continue to be a part of my forums and help the flow of new people into the hobby. It has continued to make the Wet Thumb a friendly and supportive forum for all. Groups, cliques, clubs, or whatever you want to call them in any forum are good for the people involved, but when they are still willing to reach out to other people it really helps the hobby.

Best regards


Hello everyone,

I'd like to make my first official announcement on the Member's list as the
AGA's Advertising Liason. For the past few years the number one thing that
members tell me when I ask what the AGA could do to increase our
effectiveness and/or membership was to start an internet forum.
Unfortunately, do to logistical issues that's not likely to happen any time
soon. However, we have done the next best thing.

The AGA is now an active board sponsor of The Planted Tank.net. We're also
about to go online as a forum sponsor on Aquatic Plant Central as the
sponsor of their New to Aquarium Plants forum. It's always been our mission
to help improve the communication about aquatic gardening to everyone, not
just our members and this is a giant leap for us as an organization. Please
help us by participating on these boards and let people know that your an
AGA member.

Many people have commented to me that the AGA is becoming out-dated and
cliquish, even if only in appearance. That is something that only you, the
membership, can remedy and this is a great first step toward that.

Submitting articles for TAG is another one, but that's not the point of this
message. ;)

I know a lot of people who aren't interested in getting involved in forums
because of time constraints. If you are only able to contribute a couple
quick comments to a topic once a week, that's wonderful! It's a couple
extra comments or little bit of help that wouldn't have been there

Please, put a some thought into helping the AGA live up to it's number one
mission. You never know, you might just find a fellow AGA member in your
town that you didn't know about. I did.




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