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Re: [AGA-Member] Possibilities of Sozo Haishoku

It's a diff nutrient system. Thre are at leat a half dozen
reasonably distinct methods for growing aquatic plants and
Amano's method is one them, and one that clearly works.

Maintaining a "closed" micro-ecosystem is another method
but often practiced since it it so difficult to actually
make it a closed microsystem.

somewhere clsoe to both of these is the soil underlayment
method and at the opposite extreme, I suppose, the aquatic
gardening equivalent of hydroponic gardening on land --
water rich in nutrients.

Permutations, some mix-and-matches between them all are
possible -- some more practical or easily successful than
others but probably all of them have been tried.

All our methods are considerably artifical in several
respects, not the least of which are electric lighting and
glass boxes.

The way Amano does it is not *the* way it has to be. IN
fact no one way is *the* way to do it.


--- Troy E Hendrickson <t_hendrickson@qwest.net> wrote:

> Perhaps Amano doesn't value it, some of take great pride
> in it though.
> Maintaining a microscopic ecosystem for any length of
> time is an
> accomplishment.
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> > Maybe it's just that their strategy is different. They
> *want* to break
> > down and start over. They *like* it. Longevity of an
> aquascape isn't
> > necessarily valued.
> >
> > Cheryl
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