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[AGA-Member] FW: Plants of Borneo

A while ago someone on the list asked about plant species from Borneo and didn't get much of an answer. We've recently recruited a volunteer to help us answer questions like that here on the Member List. Michael Firrincili, aka Momotaro on The Planted Tank discussion forums, generously agreed to volunteer to look up the answers to questions like "What species are native to Borneo?" that crop up here on the list.

Here's his list.

Borneo is Borneo. Yet, Borneo is also part of Malaysia, Indonesia and Tropical Asia.

To the best of my understanding Sarawak and Sabah (northwestern Borneo) are part of Malaysia. Kalimantan, the largest part of the island of Borneo, is part of Indonesia. Brunei Darussalam is part of Tropical Asia. Yikes!

That made the job tough! I did find plants that were distributed in Borneo, I also found plants from the other regions. What I did was create a list of plants from all of the mentioned regions. Those being Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia and Tropical Asia since all of those regions describe the island of Borneo. What I will do is list the plant by name and then list the applicable area. I will also list plants with worldwide, cosmopolitan and pantropical distributions.

The list:

Aponogeton undulates  (Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo- Kalimantan)

Bacopa monnieri  (Tropical Asia)

Barclaya motleyi  (Borneo - Sarwak)

Ceratophyllum submersum  (Malaysia)

Ceratopteris cornuta  (Indonesia)

Cryptocoryne auriculata  (Borneo)

Cryptocoryne bullosa  (Borneo)

Cryptocoryne cordata  (Borneo)

Cryptocoryne edithiae (Borneo)

Cryptocoryne ferruginea  (Borneo)

Cryptocoryne fusca  (Borneo)

Cryptocoryne grabowskii  (Borneo)

Cryptocoryne hudoroi  (Borneo)

Cryptocoryne keei  (Borneo)

Cryptocoryne lingua  (Borneo)

Cryptocoryne longicauda  (Borneo)

Cryptocoryne pallidinervia  (Borneo)

Cryptocoryne striolata  (Borneo)

Cryptocoryne zonata  (Borneo)

Eusteralis stellata  (Malaysia)

Limnophilia heterophylla  (Borneo)

Limnophilia indica  (Tropical Asia)

Microsorum pteropus  (Tropical Asia)

Najas indic  (Tropical Asia)

Nymphoides hydrophylla  (Malaysia)

Rotala walichii  (Malaysia)

Salvinia cucullata  (Tropical Asia)

Plants with world wide distributions that may occur in Borneo:

Alternanthera sessilis

Eichhornia crassipes

Lysmachia nummularia

Spirodela polyrhiza

Plants with cosmopolitan distributions which may occur in Borneo:

Riccia fluitans

Ricciocarpus natans

Samolus valerandi

Plants with pantropical distributions that may occur in Borneo:

Pistia stratiotes

Ultricularia gibba

Thank you Mike!

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