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Re: [AGA-Member] Japan Pics

Thanks for sharing the fun. Bring as much of it back with
you as you can fit on the plane!


--- benrx@verizon.net wrote:

> Hey Everybody,
> As you all know, Ricky Cain and I are in Japan.  For the
> last few 
> days we have been in Kyoto.  We?ve taken well over
> 500 pics 
> and that was only because we only had one camera.  Now we
> have two 
> since my luggage finally arrive from Canada.  (Note for
> those of 
> you that don?t know, I live in Virginia, USA)
> Anyway, I have 
> posted some pics of a pet shop we went to last night. 
> They are 
> completely unedited except for size.  I?ll work on
> them when 
> I get home.  It is hard to take aquarium pics with a
> camera 
> sitting on your belly.  (Especially a big one like mine
> :-) The 
> shutter speed is sooooo slow.  Anyway, hope you like
> them.  Here 
> is a link to a short write up of our travels (from my 
> perspective... Ricky can write his own :-) and links to
> the pics 
> are under it.  Sorry the web page and pices are so rough,
> I have 
> traveling to do. :-)

* * * * * * * * * * *
Have you uploaded your photos? 
Sent in the Photo Release Form?
Don't wait too long for that perfect picture-taking moment; the 
September 15 deadline for entries to the AGA Inernational 
Aquascaping Contest is fast approaching.  
Share the fun and show your work!

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