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[AGA-Member] Japan Pics

Hey Everybody,

As you all know, Ricky Cain and I are in Japan.  For the last few 
days we have been in Kyoto.  We’ve taken well over 500 pics 
and that was only because we only had one camera.  Now we have two 
since my luggage finally arrive from Canada.  (Note for those of 
you that don’t know, I live in Virginia, USA) Anyway, I have 
posted some pics of a pet shop we went to last night.  They are 
completely unedited except for size.  I’ll work on them when 
I get home.  It is hard to take aquarium pics with a camera 
sitting on your belly.  (Especially a big one like mine :-) The 
shutter speed is sooooo slow.  Anyway, hope you like them.  Here 
is a link to a short write up of our travels (from my 
perspective... Ricky can write his own :-) and links to the pics 
are under it.  Sorry the web page and pices are so rough, I have 
traveling to do. :-)

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