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Re:[AGA-Member]Japan Pics

Thank you for sharing lots of experiences and fun, Ben and Ricky !

It sounds as if they have been surely enjoying the trip in most beautiful place in Japan, Kyoto.
I wish I could be with them up there.
But you see, I'll be with them just tomorrow evening in Tokyo ! For the first time!
We are attending Nature Aquarium Party on Saturday, together. I'm so excited.
We will be talking a lot about Japan, aquatic plants, aquascaping, the AGA, etc. Isn't that something ? Does anybody have plan to come to Tokyo in the near future ? In that case, just let me know. I'll be glad to give you lots of fruitful information. Because I sure am an expert on Japan ( a novice at aquascaping, though. ).
I really hope Ben and Ricky will enjoy all of Japan, getting the feel of it and getting into the spirit of it, thoroughly while they are here.


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