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Re:[AGA-Member] Ben and Ricky Update

We  all  surely  had  a  great  time  at  the  Nature  Aquarium  Party !

I myself enjoyed getting acquainted with and talking with Oliver, Luca, Georgio, Hajime, Yoshinori (the latter two guys are ADA staff members. Both are real nice guys ) and some other people. Oliver taught me a lot of aquatic matters. Luca is a real friendly, good- natured man. Georgio who happened to be a judge of the layout contest this year, too, as a recognized authority, did a good job, I guess. He is very friendly and enthusiastic, too.

You know something ? Ricky did a excellent job in the rock arrangement contest, completing the aquascaping in a 17 gallon tank with several rocks and some bright sand in 40 minutes wearing a pair of cotton work gloves in the party hall. Yes, It's 6 competitor's improvisation that matters. Ricky won the prize of 2nd place !!
Of course, He gained a fabulous prize of the winner, electric timer.
The most " busy man " was Ben. Listening to both comments for each competitor's aquascaping given by the judges on the podium and the 6 contestant's behaviors in the back of the audience at the same time.
Walking around here and there, back and forth, taking hundreds of pictures with his big digital camera. You'll be able to take a look at all the pics pretty soon. Just wait !!

After the short bus tour in central Tokyo, which I didn't attend ) we all gathered to an well known aquarium shop in the very heart of ginza, named " An aquarium " owned by Noriyuki Shito, a student of Mr. Amano.
They all seemed to be getting the feel of the nice cozy store and getting into the spirit of Noriyuki's collection, sophisticated aquatic plants, dwarf chiclids and ADA products.

They are getting ready for the tour to Niigata where they have huge Nature Aquarium Gallery
and big biotope in it's backyard. leaving Tokyo tomorrow morning. I have never been there
before and I'm so jealous !! I couldn't get the day off for the tour.

Have  a  good  night  sleep,  Ricky,  Ben,  relaxing.

Now let's enjoy Ben and Ricky's " Japan Report with pics " together, everyone !!
It's coming soon.


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