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[AGA-Member] Ben and Ricky Update from 9-10-05

I had some time on the train (when Ricky and Oliver weren't being 
crazy) to get an update posted from the Nature Aquarium Party, and 
I got part of the next day done as well.  I should have it done 
for you tomorrow... which will still be today (this afternoon) for 
you there :-)


Today we rode in the Shinkansen to Niigata, visited Mr. Amano's 
home, saw the Nature Aquarium Gallery, had an aquascaping 
demonstration, and a big party.  I hope to get pics up soon.

Sorry for any typos or other problems.  My head is killing me from 
no sleep and trying to speak in 3 languages at once.  I think I 
know 30 words of Japanese or so, but they are the kind that come 
up all the time.  Then there are 4 Germans here.  My German is a 
little rusty.  Oh well.

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