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RE: [AGA-Member] Co2 problems!

Yeah, this is good stuff. I've noticed the same problem recently, and I
was told to run my CO2 at 3 PSI! When I get home I'm kicking it up to
10. Thanks

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I have read of other users reporting or eratic performance due to A) the
low pressure side too low (some need to run ~30PSI, I run ~10) and B)
metal shavings in the needle valve to other problems like reported below
that were solved by a cleaning/service.


On Wed, 14 Sep 2005 matpat89@sbcglobal.net wrote:

> Hey Matt,
> I had a similar problem with a JBJ regulator.  There was a gasket that
> between the bubble counter and needle valve.  While filling the bubble
> this gasket fell off.  My bubble count was eratic just like yours and
> me to turn it up every day for about a week.  Once I figured out the
gasket had 
> fallen off and I put it back where it should be, things were fine.  I
> set up a three way splitter on one of my regulators. Three bubble
counters (JBJ 
> brand) were included with the splitter.  Not a single bubble counter
had a 
> gasket included with it.  I mamaged to get some gaskets that fit
between the 
> bubble counter and needle valve and they all work fine now.  I'd check
to see 
> if your gasket is missing.  The CO2 will choose the path of least
> and come our of the bubble counter versus pushing through the tubing
and into a 
> reactor or diffusor.
> Matt
> South Western Ohio Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts member
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> Subject: [AGA-Member] Co2 problems!
>> Hello all, My name is Matt and Im fairly new to this orginazation but
it is 
>> a pleasure to find and be a part of it. I'm having a problem with my
>> set up pressurized co2 system. A few weeks ago I ordered a AZOO
>> regulator with magnetic valve, and needle valve. After it arrived I
went to 
>> a local welding supply house and picked up a 5 lb. co2 tank went home
>> set it all up. I adjusted the co2 flow to the desired amount and all
>> to be working great and continued to work so for about a week or so.
>>      Any way about a week later i was observing things and noticed
that the 
>> amount of pearling in the aquarium had decreased so i checked over
>> things to find out that the problem appeared to be that less co2 was
>> released from the regulator. So i checked things out there were no
leaks, my 
>> check valve on the air line tubing is working fine but still for some
>> a lesser amount of gas being released.
>>     Not knowing what the problem could be i adjusted the needle valve

>> opening it a bit more to get the desired bubble flow (around 3
bubbles a 
>> second or so) and it continued to work fine for the rest of the day.
>> night the lights shut off and so does the timer for the co2 valve,
and in 
>> the morning it comes back on with the lights. So i figured I better
>> things out to make sure it was still working properly only to find
that the 
>> flow rate had slowed down again to almost nothing.... maybe about 1
>> about ever 5 to 10 seconds. Not my desired level. Baffled by what
>> to be happening over night I checked ever thing over again looking
for leaks 
>> making sure all was hook up tightly with still the slow flow I went
>> and opened the needle valve further back to the desired flow rate and
>> again things worked fine for the rest of the day. at night everything
>> off, and in the morning when it all came back on I checked things out
to see 
>> what was going on.... with the same result as the day before.... for
>> unknown reason the flow rate has slowed to almost nothing at all. I
>> figure out what would be causing this? has anyone else ever had any
>> similar to this? or have any idea at all what could be causing this
>> decrease in my flow rate after the magnetic valve shuts off and then
>> back on in the morning?
>>     From what I under stand I should be able to set the needle valve
to a 
>> desired rate of flow, and every time that the magnetic valve opens
again it 
>> should resum at that flow rate making it all fine to be left alone
every day 
>> until the tank needs refilled..... and I cant figure out why things
would be 
>> acting in the way that they are..... Any help at all that could be
>> would be GREATLY appriciated..... I am fianally getting things with
>> aquarium to a point that I am really pleased with it all.... but this
>> been testing and rather frustrating to say the least.... espically
>> spending a very nice sized piece of change on this equipment to get
>> desired co2 levels i wanted in my tank with out having to do daily
>> to achive it..... thanks a lot for any help you can all give me!
>>    Sincerely,
>>         Matt Scarnecchia
>>          Youngstown, Ohio
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