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[AGA-Member] I can't grow mosses

I'm hoping someone can tell me why I can't grow mosses.  Here's my setup.
110 high tank
4x96 PC lighting
temp 76-79 degrees (via fans and heaters)
pH 6.7-6.9 (via controller and CO2)
KH 6.0
Flourite substrate
Tropica Master Grow daily
Weekly 25% water changes
Plenty of fish
Good circulation
(unusual, but working) I use a bio-wheel to keep surface scum down
I've tried several types of mosses in and out of the light on my plentiful driftwood and I get little to no growth.  The glossostigma and Madagascar Lace grow very nicely.  I really like the pictures of tanks with mosses, and I'd really like to grow them.  I realize that according to the CO2/KH chart my CO2 is a little high, but it has worked just fine for the past couple of years.
Ron Boyd

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