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Re: [AGA-Member] I can't grow mosses

   I just knew my nose would be in the way, sorry for crashing your party:-)
   Somebody stole the propellor off of my beanie.....
   And maybe the SAE's DO care what you call it, you don't know :-P
   S. Hieber wrote:

You mention some excellent articles, a long time coming for
those that appreciate aquatic mosses. 

But the SAEs don't care whatcha call it; if it's thin fine
greenery, they eat it. They don't hold to just one species
or genus of moss.

Tip:  I wear a beanie with a propellor and that distracts
folks from noticing my pointy nose.

have facts, have fun,

--- william ruyle [1]<inquartata@comcast.net> wrote:

Hate to be a pointy-nose, but, a number of us including
myself, have to
java moss: Taxiphyllum barbieri (no relation to Gato
Barbieri, jazz
Singapore moss, much more decorative, is Vesicularia
dubyana. TAG issue
18-3 has been most informative! OK, exit stage left....


S. Hieber wrote:

Others and I have had the experience. In my tanks, the


continually roamed as they grazed but they spent a lot


time on the mosses. They didn't at first appear to be
eating any of it. It was a bit later that I realized


were only going for the newest growth.

They became so fond of the stuff, they would actually


themselves behind the plastic grid I had set up for the
moss wall. A moss-&-SAE wall is not a pretty sight.

Scott H.

--- Juan Ignacio Pucheu [2]<jpucheu@gmail.com> wrote:

SAE's eat mosses like vesicularia dubyana and others ?
sad news for me, thank's for the infomartion....

* * * * * * * * * * *
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beautiful entries in the 6th Annual International
Aquascaping Contest. Every continent is represented --
except Antarctica. Maybe next year Antarctica, too ;-)

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