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RE: [AGA-Member] Rotten smell in my pond

Hello friend a Bit more information would help out. But seems as though your having a problem with such a high amount of organic material in your pond and possible little or no filtration and water movement. I dont really know what to say without hearing more about the set up.... but I would say a good start would be to go into the pots and change over the potting medium because I would bet that is where your problem is starting at. if you have little or no filtration consider adding some to aid in the build up of benfincial bacteria. And check around pond supply stores in your area or online for an enzyme that helps to sustain the bacteria. We use a product called Aqua Clearer Dry Bacteria & Enzymes, in our pond and it works very well for us. Its produced by a company called Aquascape Designs. Sorry i dont have much else to offer, like i said it would help to know a bit more about your pond set up.

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