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[AGA-Member] Rotten smell in my pond

Dear friends, I have recently setup a pond 7 weeks back , with some 20 odd lilies small and large lilies , and some other water plants. Pond size is 11ft by 10ft depth is 21inches . Water lilies are in plastic tubs with a substrate of gravel and 30% leafmold/garden waste compost. Typical temperature is around 39~36 deg C .

My water is turned brown in 10 days, some algae is forming inside, not too much, and now it is darkening/blackening more and giving a rotting smell.

I was doing small water changes, like 2~3% initially , now I am doing massive water changes, around 50% for the past 2 days.

I checked the substrate of some small potted lilies and it seem to have become black, I cannot change the substrate of all 20 pots.

Plants are doing fine.

Is there any thing else I can do beside water changes?
Will the water changes help?
Can I oxygenate by using hydrogen peroxide?
please help.

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