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RE: [AGA-Member] I can't grow mosses

Thanks Scott,

I will report back when Moby falls.


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I know of a couple of links but they might not be as
helpful as you'd like. So, I'll describe it for you and
give you the links:

http://www.apisto.bravepages.com/article2.htmhere's one,

And August Eppler described it back in 1998 and it made its
way onto Erik Olson's thekrib.com:



Get a water bottle, about 20 oz. size should work.

Empty the water out ;-)

Where the curve of the bottle shoulder meets the straight
sides of the bottle, cut off the top of the bottle.

Place the top inverted on the bottle -- it will look rather
like a funnel going into the bottle.

Next step can be done with a cold, sharp awl but it's
probably safer to use a heated small screwdriver or an awl.
Anyway, with the implement -- poke three small holes about
120 degrees apart around the bottle so that the hole goes
through the bottle side and the inverted top.

Break a toothpick into three pieces and place a piece into
each of the three holes to hold the inverted top in place.

Using the poking implement, places holes in the sides of
the bottle so that water can in the bottle will be able to
mix with water outside the bottle.

Put some food in the bottle, hold in under the water
surface in the aquarium until the bottle is full of water,
then let is sink to the bottom of the aquarium. Wait for a
fish to enter. Fish seem to hate to swim out of the bottle
but don't mind swimming into it. Apparently they don't mind
starrting into the larger hole, but once they are at the
narrow portion they don't like to back up and so enter --
yet they won't ent the hole once in the bottle. Fish
psychologists ponder to this day ;-)

Check the bottle two or three times a day and it will
probably have fish in it. If the fish you want are in it,
you have your catch. If other fish have entered, simply
remove the toothpick pieces and free the fish and then try

It might take an hour or it might take several days, but
SAEs will wander in sooner or later.  It takes long term
patience but is less frustrating than chasing those strong,
fast fish around a planted aquarium with a net, especially
if they are shy of nets.

You can try a holding a net still that has been baited with
live or frozen food -- sometimes the fish you want will
swim into it for you. But, it's never worked for me with

Good luck,
Have bottles, have fun,
Scott H.

--- Jay <jreeves1@mn.rr.com> wrote:

> Scott,
> do you have any links for info on what works best for a
> bottle trap?  I will
> need to try that since the SAE in question ( in my tank)
> is from the Wiley
> Coyote strain, as I suppose most are.
> Regards,
> Jay Reeves

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