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RE: [AGA-Member] Low-light tanks & CO2

Adam, As far as your question more yeast = more CO2? I am assuming that you mean adding more to each 2 liter reacotor.... and in my opinion No i dont think that necessarly means more CO2.... possibly for a short period of time but in my expierence with using DIY CO2 its going to burn much faster, not be as consistant releasing CO2 and run dead much faster. I also have a 75 g tank and before i swiched to a pressurized system i was using a DIY setup and I personally ran 4, 2liter soda bottles which I would rotate changing on..... one a week so each got changed once every month. This worked out VERY well for me I always had a constant release of CO2 in my tank and was able to maintain around 15 ppm ALL of the time doing things this way..... something you might want to consider.... good luck!
Matt Scarnecchia
Youngstown, Ohio

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