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Re: [AGA-Member] Madagascar Lace plant

In a message dated 10/21/2005 12:59:53 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
colonel594@hotmail.com writes:
Any one have good luck 
with this plant and able to get it to grow well? I read a lot of people 
having it do really well until it went dormit when they were never really 
able to get it to come back, any advice or tips for storing it through the 
dormit period? i couldnt find anything about that really.... just 2 sources 
i belive that recomended storing it in moist peat for 6 weeks to 2 months 
for the rest cycle before planting it in the tank again. any expierences 
people have had would be appriciated good or bad, we can all learn from 
others mistakes, maybe try doing something different than what others who 
didnt have success tried.
I have one growing in a 29 gallon tank. They don't like direct sunlight, and 
they like cool temperatures. I let this tank get down to about 70 in the 
winter. Mine hasn't really grown spectacularly, in fact I thought I lost it after 
last winter, but it looks now like it just went dormant, as it's just recently 
put out 5 small leaves.

It probably went dormant because I don't have central air and so this tank 
was in the 80s and sometimes close to 90 at times this summer, being in 
Michigan, it's come back down now as the weather is changing.

2 more points-they don't like to be moved, and I believe they are heavy 

I've been in the hobby for 40 years, and I remember in the 60s I believe it 
was Axelrod claimed that the only way to grow them was to put the bare bulb in 
a tank with ramshorn snails and to let them clean it. Several folks on the APD 
list have reported them blooming, though, for myself I'm just happy mine is 
coming back as I've been trying to grow one for years with little luck.

So, key points.

no direct sun
don't move them
cool temperatures
heavy feeders.

Gerry Skau
All The World's A Stage, But The Play Is Badly Cast---Oscar Wilde
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